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TOUCH FREE AUTOMATIC The Suds City Touch Free Automatic operates 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. During the hours of 8.30am to 4pm our experienced, friendly attendant will Pamper your car by hand preping & ensuring those bugs & heavy grime are removed from your vehicle. ________________________________________ CORPORATE WASH KEY Why use your cash when the Business can Pay! The Key is Convenient, Accountable, Simple & offers a 10% Bonus on your recharges. Operates - Automatic, Self Serve Bays & Vacuums. ________________________________________ FRAGRANCE MACHINE Does your car have an odour? Or just to keep it smelling fresh & new. The Fragrance Machine is available 24/7. SELF SERVE BAYS Available 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week. No matter how dirty your vehicle is... at Suds City it will be cleaned! Our Bays offer 8 different selections. If you require assistance please feel free to ask our friendly attendant for information on our equipment & products. ________________________________________ TURBO VACUUMS Our Industrial Grade Vacuum Cleaners will lift heavy dirt, dust and sand. Hoses are of a length you can comfortably clean your entire vehicle. Our Vacuums work so well... should your keys, garage remote, mobile phone etc.. be sucked up, don't worry just ask our friendly Attendant to retrieve them for you. ________________________________________ VENDING MACHINE So much to choose from.... Your vehicle will smell and look a million Dollars! Not just the outside clean, the inside as well! Product Range: Armour All, Glass Cleaner, Numerous different Fragrance Trees, Microfibre Towel, Blue Towel, Black Jack...

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October 2019
Good service, looking forward to my next clean