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Who we are SNAP Car Wash & Valet Is More Than Just A Car Wash. We are a team of experts equipped with the latest technology to make your car look brand new. We will not only treat your car with the best care, but we pride ourselves on our customer service. There are no cutting corners at SNAP Car Wash & Valet – only a full service solution to meet your needs. A Little About The Owner The owner of the SNAP Car Wash first started working in the industry at age 14. Over the years he worked his way up to store manager. He then gained management experience with some of the largest operations in Australia. After this, he became responsible for provisioning new sites at one of the country’s largest car wash franchise operators. All these years of experience gave him insight into the industry: It showed him that the typical car wash business was usually lacking in some way. Some didn’t have the right customer service – while others didn’t bother to make sure every car was washed professionally. It was at this point he decided these problems could be solved by creating SNAP Car Wash & Valet. Now he could make sure that each location would go the extra mile to give the kind of service all paying customers deserve.

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October 2019
Great value for money.