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110 Spence Street
Parramatta Park

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Why choose Rainbow Carwash & Detailing Cairns?

We ensure the dirt, dust, bugs and grime that can affect your bodywork are actually cleaned off properly, not just surface washed and left there to eat into your duco. The same goes for inside your car…bits of food, mud and other debris can affect your carpets and seats, leaving them in poor condition even if your car is reasonably new. And, if you're a parent or pet owner, you know the mess that can get left behind when you've been out for the day (or even just a few minutes!) and how difficult it can be to keep your car looking neat and tidy. We don't just wash your car…we treat it like our own vehicle! Our local, family-owned and operated business has helped heaps of people in Cairns and surrounding areas shine up their pride and joy, quickly and easily. As well as customised detailing for private, commercial or fleet vehicles, we offer free local pick-up, competitive pricing and a team of professional and dedicated detailers who want you to be 100% satisfied with your car when you get it back!

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