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Experience: We are a team of highly-trained professionals working each day with the primary aim of keeping your car clean, safe and ready to hit the road. This ensures a high level of professionalism in service delivery from start to finish. Car-Focused: We are a car-focused car wash brand ensuring that all of your car maintenance needs are met. We don't just take care of the external body and under body of your vehicle. We also ensure interior detailing is completed with optimum professionalism in mind. Save Time and Money: We have built our service delivery processes on honesty, swift service delivery and transparency. This enables us to provide the best possible service in a very fast turnaround time. We are also able to help you save money by making sure you get the most experienced hands available on your car. Reliable Customer Service Team: We place maximum priority on customer satisfaction. To ensure this, we have set up a reliable customer service team to attend to all of your queries, complaints and suggestions. So, feel free to contact us any time and we'll respond with optimum courtesy. At Infinity Hand Car Wash and Café, we understand that there is only one chance of creating a first impression, so we are sure that by using our service… You will love your car again!

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