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The now known Freo’s Carwash Café on 27 reservoir road was established 20th January 2006. Kim and Paul Freebody identified an opportunity to service the Cairns community of washing the family car in a safe environment. Since the carwash’s inception, the Freebody family has washed cars from as far north as the Cape York Peninsula, as west as Broome and to as south as Hobart. As part of their vision, Kim and Paul identified the need to wash Cairns growing population of cars in a sustainable way to protect the wonders that surround the region. It is the sustainable choice to wash your car at Freo’s Carwash Café. From Jan 2006 until 1 October 2017, the car wash has transformed and developed significantly with the biggest development taking place on 1 October 2017. From 1 October 2017, Kim and Paul sold the previously known Five Star Carwash Café Cairns to their three boys (Daniel, Nathan and Trent) who have transformed the wash into Freo’s Carwash Café. This development brings excitement to 27 Reservoir Road with the aim to transform the car cleaning experience. It is the pledge of Freo’s Carwash Café to “Exceed our customers expectations by offering a fast, high quality and affordable service ” Daniel 28, Nathan 26 and Trent 24 have been and will continue to work hard to make sure they deliver on this pledge and will be using all their experience gained from Kim and Paul during there upbringing as well as the experience they have each gained in the last 5 to 10 years of work. They are confident they can deliver on this pledge and really give customers a fantastic experience every time they visit Freo’s.

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October 2019
Cars clean and I thank you for that!