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Freos Car Detailing
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The now known Freo’s Carwash Café on 27 reservoir road was established 20th January 2006. Kim and Paul Freebody identified an opportunity to service the Cairns community of washing the family car in a safe environment. Since the carwash’s inception,
Wash Me Car Wash
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Magic Hand Car Wash Mackay
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Someone needed to give small Car Washs a level playing field on a high-ranking directory for Car Washs.

Every other web directory and digital platform where people search for Car Washs is fundamentally flawed for the public by a premium based advertising business model where 'whoever pays more gets prominence'. We are unique in that we see the searchers needs as more important than an advertisers marketing budget.

In addition, we are focused on the task of connecting people with Car Washs on an Industry Specific website. Nothing but Car Washs can be found on

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'Near Me' is a popular search term used across a wide variety of inquiries on the internet including people searching for local Car Washs.

Car Wash Near Me is unlike any other directory, our home page is the search results page and there is nothing but precisely what you are looking for, sorted by the nearest to your location.

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Based in Australia, is a global directory with over 13,000 location pages ensuring coverage is wide yet focused on a single purpose of connecting people with Car Washs.

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Looking for a Cairns Car Wash?

Automatic drive-through car washes save time and hassle. But are automatic car washes safe for your car? In fact, in many instances, they are the safest course of action for many car owners who want to keep their car clean with limited time on their hands.

Often, people cleaning their car at home don't use enough water to safely remove dirt; or they wash the car in direct sunlight, which softens the paint and leads to water spots. Or they use the wrong type of soap (such as dishwashing detergent), which removes protective wax and leaves a chalky residue on the finish. Or any one of several common mistakes can end up doing more harm than good.

Keeping your car clean and the finish looking good can also mean higher resale value when it is time to replace it. All else being equal, a car with faded paint and a dingy overall look sells for ten to twenty percent less than an otherwise identical vehicle that has been well maintained.

So how often should you have your vehicle washed?

That depends on how quickly it gets dirty – and how dirty it gets. For some cars, once a month or so is sufficient, especially if the car is lightly used and parked in a garage. But some cars will need a bath more often; those that are parked outdoors and exposed to bird droppings or tree sap.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when it comes to car washes:

Some older car washes still use harsh brushes (instead of cloth), which can leave small scratches in a car's finish. On older cars with single stage paint (i.e., no clear coat above the colour coat), light scratches could usually be buffed out. All modern cars, however, use a "base/clear" system with a thin, transparent layer of clear coat on top of the underlying colour coat to provide the shine. Once this thin clear coat is damaged, often the only way to restore the shine is to repaint the damaged area.

Another safe bet is the touchless car wash, using only high-pressure water jets and detergents to clean the car – without physically touching the car. With this system there is virtually no chance of your vehicle suffering any cosmetic damage. Also, some areas have self-service coin-operated hand washes, which are great for spraying away heavy dirt build up. You will usually need to bring your own bucket, wash cloth/sponge and dry towels, though.

If you want to go with the full luxury treatment a detailed hand wash by a professional will remove the dirt and grime from your paint, glass, plastic trims, wheels, chrome and exhaust tip. They can vacuum your seats, carpet and boot and clean your interior windows and mirrors and dust off your interior surfaces. They should apply a gentle cleaning fluid to your dash, consoles and door surfaces.

And finally, make sure your car is OK before you leave

While many car washes will have a disclaimer posted that they are "not responsible for any damages that may occur" as a result of running your car through their wash, that doesn't mean you should automatically absolve them of any damage their equipment or personnel may have caused. If you notice something, ask to see the manager and point it out to them.

Otherwise enjoy your sparkly pride and joy on wheels, whilst breathing in that fresh new scent.

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